Analytical Testing

Brothers Lab provides accurate, reliable and prompt testing services as per the standards laid down in various compendia such as IP, BP, USP, , JP, EP as well as according.

Other specifications like BIS, PFA or any specification provided by the Manufacturer/ customer/ party.

=> Pharmaceuticals (API, Added substances, Drug Formulations such as Tablets, Capsules, Oral Liquids, External Preparations, Eye/ Ear Drops, Injectables (LVP, SVP& Dry Powder Injections), Ointments etc.
=> Water (Drinking Water, Industrial Water, Effluent Water, Purified Water, Water for Injection).
=> Food, Spices and Beverage
=> Dairy products
=> Herbs and Ayurvedic Preparations
=> Chemicals, Hair Dyes, Mehandi (Henna) Paste& Powder etc.
=> Pesticides
=> Cosmetics